The City

City character sheet


City-Wide Themes and Threats

A Theme is a long-running problem for the city. It’s beyond the scope of the campaign, and provides a backdrop for everything else. A Threat is a recent threat to the city. It can be addressed in-game, and replaced by new Threats.

Theme: Centre of Power, but no one knows it
Face: Prime Minister / Chief of Staff
Face: The Archivist of the National Archives;
Face: Municipal Control Centre

Theme: Harsh weather / Left out in the cold / Battleground of the Seasons
Face: Winter court – La Reine de l`hiver; requires Winterlude as a peace offering
Face: Summer court – Lady of the Lake; Busker fest, Canada Day celebrations

Threat: The Order of St Rupert has moved into the neighbourhood
Face: Head of the order, the Ripper; the Watcher
Name: Giles, local head of the faction. Vengeance; has recruited people. May have led the local order on a different direction from original theme

Theme: The City that Sleeps
Face: unknown


The Idea

The Aspect

The Faces

Name Concept

The Balance of Power

The Status Quo

What is the Supernatural status quo?

Seasonal cycle between Winter and Summer Courts. The fey are the primary supernatural force in this area.
There are others, including vampires, weres; but it is generally the fey who are dominant.

What is the Mundane status quo?

The general populace remains unaware. The City that Always Sleeps.
They are aware of the weather and climate extremes.
Government town; lots of politics.
Corruption, crime, tourism, dirty politics; business as usual.

Movers and Shakers

Who wants to maintain the status quo? Who wants to rock the boat?
Who is in the dark? Mundanes the Fey; the Order of St. Rupert
Who is in the know? the Archivists




The City

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