Siku Tunaq

Artic Bear Shaman



High Concept

Artic Bear Shaman


Bear Side Manner

Other Aspects

Surpassed my teacher, Aqiq the Wise
Tracked by the Order of St-Rupert
Dealing with the Winter Fae
I Follow my Nose
Large and Hungry


Skills Level Human Form Werebear Form
Superb +5 (Slots:1) Lore Might
Great +4 (Slots:2) Discipline, Performance Fists, Athletics
Good +3 (Slots:4) Alertness, Rapport, Endurance, Survival Alertness, Intimidation, Endurance, Survival
Fair +2 (Slots: 4) Intimidation, Investigation, Empathy, Conviction Lore, Discipline, Stealth, Investigation
Average +1 (Slots: 6) Stealth, Might, Fists, Athletics, Presence, Resource Rapport, Empathy, Presence, Performance, Conviction, Resource

Refresh: 1

Fate Points: 2


Physical 0 0 0 0 0 0

Mental 0 0 0

Social 0 0 0


Type _P/M/S Stress Used Information
Mild Any -2
Moderate Any -4
Severe Any -6
Extreme Any -8 Permanently Replace an Aspect

Stunts and Powers

Total Refresh Spent: 9

Cost _Name Description
+1 Human Form Looses Inhuman Strength, Claw and Echoes of the Beast
-1 Beast Change See Skill List
-1 Echoes of the Beast Beast Senses: +1 on Alertness, Investigation and Survival roll if beast senses involvess, Beast Trappings: Tracking by Smell to Survival, Friends with Bear
-1 Claw Weapon:2 with Fists in Werebear
-2 Inhuman Strength Improved Lifting or Breaking: +3 Might Score; Grappling: +1 Might for Grappling and 2 Stress-Hit Supplemental Action; Might always modify at +1; +2 Damage on Hit
-2 Inhuman Toughness Armor:1 vs Physical; Two Additional Boxes of Physical Stress
+1 Catch – White Artic Narwhal Ivory +1 rare to Obtain and +0 Only Known by knowledgeable Angakki
-2 Ritual – Biomancy See Thaumaturgy Section
-1 Stunt – Traditional Medicine Medical Attention Trapping from Academic to Lore
-1 Lawbreaker(Second) +1 to Skill roll when breaking the Second Law

Magical Items

Total number of slots = 5 (No Focus Items)
Power of Ability = 5 (Lore)

Slot _Name Description
-1 Cunning Fox Charm Cunning Fox Aspect Declaration – 3 Use
-1 Owl Sight Charm Owl Sight Aspect Declaration – 3 Use
-1 Bear Strength Charm Bear Strength Aspect Declaration – 3 Use
-1 Walrus Skin Charm Block – Amour: 1 – 4 Use
-1 Portable Wardrobe Charm Takes and store my cloth when I shapeshift (+1) – 5 Use

I skimmed the second law of magic which deeply affected me and changed my aspect:

Pupil of Aqiq the Wise -— > I surpassed my teacher, Aqiq the Wise.

Template: Were-Bear

Were-Bear; Beast Change -1, Echoes of the Beast -1, Human Form +1, Inhuman Strength -2pt, Claws -1pt, Inhuman Toughness -2pt

High Concept

Artic Bear Shaman

I am a werebear trained in the traditional inuit art of healing, the path of the Angakkuq


Bear side manner

Behind a bear is not always nice, sometime you get grumpy and rude.


Aqiq the Wise Pupil

Siku was chosen by the council of elder to become the Angakkuq of the village at a young age and was trained in the art of healing by the current but aging Angakkuq, Aqiq, a wise but fragile healer of both mind and body.

Rising Conflict Aspect

Tracked by the Order of St-Rupert!

The Order of St-Rupert sent some men up north, they abducted by youngest sibling to try to get to me for a yet unknown reason. However, with the help of my teacher I was able to free my sister Kiuq and get them packing. While my sister was fine, Aqiq got seriously injured in the fight and I decided to leave my village to protect the one I love.

The Story Aspect:

Dealing with the Winter Fae

I recently arrived in Ottawa with my wounded teacher. After dodging the order of St-Rupert I got helped by Sir Durin, the Knight of the Winter Court, who took advantage of member of the order behind busy to take them out. We found some common ground and decided that an alliances between the Knights of the Winter Court would be usefull. They will help protect and hide my master in exchange I will help fight their foes, such as the Order of St-Rupert.

Got helped by the Melody Li who help us find the Doctor.

The Guest Star Aspect:

I follow my Nose

I helped Sigurd track down giant wolves with my sense of smell in a great hunt worth of the greatest northern hunter.

The Guest Star Redux Aspect:

Large and Hungry

Siku eventually get rid of Melody book by making a vigorous meal out of book, helping the fey and Melody in the process.

Siku Tunaq

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