Skill Trappings
Alertness Avoiding Surprise, Combat Initiative, Passive Awareness
Athletics Climbing, Dodging, Falling, Jumping, Sprinting, Other Physical Actions
Burglary Casing, Infiltration, Lockpicking
Contacts Gathering Information, Getting the Tip-Off, Knowing People, Rumours
Conviction1 Acts of Faith, Mental Fortitude
Craftsmanship Breaking, Building, Fixing
Deceit Cat and Mouse, Disguise, Distraction and Misdirection, False Face Forward, Falsehood and Deception
Discipline1 Concentration, Emotional Control, Mental Defense
Driving Chases, One Hand of the Wheel, Other Vehicles, Street Knowledge and Navication
Empathy Reading People, A Shoulder to Cry On, Social Defense, Social Initiative
Endurance1 Long-Term Action, Physical Fortitude
Fists Brawling, Close-Combat Defense
Guns Aiming, Gun Knowledge, Gunplay, Other Projectile Weapons
Intimidation The Brush-Off, Interrogation, Provocation, Social Attacks, Threats
Investigation Eavesdropping, Examination, Surveillance
Lore Arcane Research, Common Ritual, Mystic Perception
Might Breaking Things, Exerting Force, Lifting Things, Wrestling
Performance Art Appreciation, Composition, Creative Communication, Playing to an Audience
Presence1 Charisma, Command, Reputation, Social Fortitude
Rapport Chit-Chat, Closing Down, First Impressions, Opening Up, Social Defense
Resources Buying Things, Equipment, Lifestyle, Money Talks, Workspaces
Scholarship Answers, Computer Use, Declaring Minor Details, Exposition and Knowledge Dumping, Languages, Medical Attention, Research and Lab Work
Stealth Ambush, Hiding, Shadowing, Skulking
Survival Animal Handling, Camouflage, Riding, Scavenging, Tracking
Weapons Distance Weaponry, Melee Combat, Melee Defense, Weapon Knowledge

1 These skills affect stress tracks


Stunts allow skill use where not normally possible. Each stunt taken costs 1 point of Refresh.

Examples of stunts:

  1. Adding a trapping to a skill (such as transplanting a trapping from one skill to another)
  2. Creating a new trapping
  3. Grant two Shifts under certain circumstances (only one Shift if it’s broadly applicable)


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