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When you purchase a power, you get all of the Effects listed. You may further adjust your Refresh by the amount indicated to gain any of the Upgrades for that power.

Creature Features

Refresh Power Effects Upgrades
–1 Addictive Saliva Narcotic Saliva
–1 Aquatic Can’t Drown
Easy Swimming
–2 Breath Weapon Breath Weapon
–1 Claws Natural Weapons Venomous [–2]
–1 Diminutive Size Hard to Detect
Small is Big
–1 Echoes of the Beast Beast Senses
Beast Trappings
Beast Friend
–2 Hulking Size Easy to Hit, Hard to Hurt
Everything is Small
Big is Scary
Easy to Detect
–1 Living Dead Corpse Body
Death is a Nuisance
Dude! You’re Dead!
–1 Pack Instincts Pack Communication
–1 Spider Walk Like a Spider
–1 Supernatural Sense Strange Sense Strange Senses [–1]
Broad Senses [–2]
–1 Wings Flight

Faerie Magic

Refresh Power Effects Upgrades
–2 Glamours Minor Veils
–4 Greater Glamours Veils
True Seemings
–41 Seelie Magic Summer Spellcasting
–41 Unseelie Magic Winter Spellcasting

1 Cost is reduced by 1 for every other kind of true magic ability known.

Items of Power

Refresh Power Effects Upgrades
Varies2 Item of Power It Is What It Is
Imparted Abilities
One–Time Discount [+1 or +2]
–3 Sword of the Cross All Creatures Are Equal Before God
Divine Purpose
It’s a Sword
True Aim
One-Time Discount already applied

2 The Item of Power ability covers all items the character possesses.

Minor Abilities

Refresh Power Effects Upgrades
–1 Cloak of Shadows See in the Dark
Melt into the Shadows
–1 Ghost Speaker See the Dead
Seen by the Dead
Speak to the Dead
Seek the Dead
–1 Mana Static Hexing
–1 Marked by Power Aegis of Respect
0 Wizard’s Constitution Total Recovery
Long Life

Nevernever Powers

Refresh Power Effects Upgrades
–1 Demesne Home Turf
–3 Spirit Form Insubstantial
Variable Manifestation
Variable Visage
Poltergeist [–2]
–2 Swift Transition Everywhere Is A Portal No Mortal Home [+1]
–2 Worldwalker Rift Sense
Rift Maker
Strange Worlds

Psychic Abilities

Refresh Power Effects Upgrades
0 Cassandra’s Tears Unbelievable Predictions
–2 Domination Psychic Domination
Create Renfield
Master Dominator [–2]
Possession [–3]
–1 Incite Emotion Emotion–Touch Additional Emotion [–1 per]
At Range [–1]
Lasting Emotion [–1]
Potent Emotion [–1]
–1 Psychometry Echoes of the Past
–1 The Sight Arcane Senses
Wizard’s Touch
Opening the Third Eye
–1 Soulgaze Soulgaze Application of the Sight [+1]


Refresh Power Effects Upgrades
–1 Beast Change Beast Form
Skill Shuffle
–1 Demonic Co–Pilot Demon’s Agenda
–1 Flesh Mask Flesh Mask
Idealized Appearance
What Lies Beneath
–3 Gaseous Form Gaseous Transformation
+13 Human Form Regular Joe/Regular Jane Rare or Involuntary Change [+1]
0 Human Guise Normal Appearance
Mimic Points4 Mimic Abilities Eat Power
Mimic Stunt
Mimic Skill
–2 Mimic Form Take Form
2+Form Points4 Modular Abilities Function Follows Form
–4 True Shapeshifting Multi–Form
Skill Shuffle

3 Must lose access to at least 2 points worth of supernatural powers when in Human form.

4 The Refresh dedicated to this ability defines an upper limit for the use of this power.


Refresh Power Effects Upgrades
–2 Inhuman Speed Improved Initiative
Athletic Ability
Casual Movement
Almost Too Fast To See
–6 Mythic Speed Super Supreme Initiative
Extra Superior Athletic Ability
Instant Movement
Like the Wind
–4 Supernatural Speed Supreme Initiative
Superior Athletic Ability
Effortless Movement
Faster Than the Eye


Refresh Power Effects Upgrades
–2 Channeling Channeling
Item Slots
–3 Evocation Evocation
You Know What You Know
Item Slots
-15 Lawbreaker Slippery Slope
Trouble Comes In Threes
–1 Refinement Refined Spellcraft
–2 Ritual Ritual
Item Slots
-41 Sponsored Magic (Depends!)
–3 Thaumaturgy Thaumaturgy
Item Slots

5 The Refresh cost increases to -2 when three or more Laws have been broken


Refresh Power Effects Upgrades
–2 Inhuman Strength Improved Lifting
Bruising Strength
Superior Strength
Hammer Blows
–6 Mythic Strength Supreme Lifting
Unstoppable Strength
Supreme Strength
Devastating Blows
–4 Supernatural Strength Superior Lifting
Bludgeoning Strength
Superlative Strength
Lethal Blows


Refresh Power Effects Upgrades
+Varies The Catch The Catch
–2 Inhuman Recovery Total Recovery
Fast Recovery
Shrug It Off
–2 Inhuman Toughness Hard to Hurt
Hard to Kill
–6 Mythic Recovery Total Recovery
Really Amazingly Fast Recovery
Ha! You Call That a Hit?
–6 Mythic Toughness Nearly Impossible to Hurt
Nearly Impossible to Kill
–8 Physical Immunity Physical Immunity Stacked Catch [+varies]
–4 Supernatural Recovery Total Recovery
Faster Recovery
It’s Nothing
–4 Supernatural Toughness Harder to Hurt
Harder to Kill

True Faith

Refresh Power Effects Upgrades
–1 Bless This House Bless This House
–1 Guide My Hand Guide My Hand
–1 Holy Touch Holy Touch
–2 Righteousness Potent Prayer
Desperate Hour


Refresh Power Effects Upgrades
–1 Blood Drinker Drink Blood
The Taste of Death
Blood Frenzy
–1 Emotional Vampire Feeding Touch
The Taste of Death
Feeding Frenzy
1 Feeding Dependency Hunger is Stressful
Limited Reserves
Failure Recovery
–2 Tattoos of St. Giles A Warning to Others
Deeper Reserves
Supernatural Player
Fellowship Training


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