The Order of St. Rupert

While Rupert of Salzburg is known for reopening the salt mines at Juvavum (later renamed as Salzburg), what is less well known is why. Rupert needed a large quantity of purifying salt to fight against many spirits and fae.

He’d recently begun organizing a group to combat monsters who preyed on humans. Over time this group grew and took up the name “The Order of St. Rupert” and were a mix of priests, monks and knights who vowed to protect humanity from magical monsters.

After most of the Order was wiped out fighting against a supernatural monster, the remaining members decided to create a magical sword to given them an edge against the monsters.

This sword (now known as the Cross of St. Rupert) was magicked to absorb some of the wielder’s skills and abilities when they died wielding the sword. The idea being that as time passed, the Cross of St. Rupert would become stronger and more useful. The hope was that given enough time, it might become as powerful as one of the Swords of the Cross.

The previous Bearer of the Cross of St. Rupert was Ethan Rayne.
The current Bearer of the Cross of St. Rupert is Cayden Long


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