The Doctor

Ninja Doctor


Type: Normal Human, +2 refresh


1) High Concept: Protector and healer of the innocents
2) Troubles: We’ve got an understanding…I think
3) Background: Trained by Batman: Child to a ninja family, The Doctor thrived on comic books and secretly desired to help others instead of selling his services to the highest bidder. Chooses to become a medical doctor.
4) Rising Conflict: The Doctor is a ninja, and so not affected by the sleep that decends on regular humans by night. Setting up his practice he comes into conflict with various nefarious creatures of the night,and uses his skills to (mostly) keep them in line in the area around his office on Elgin street. But as he expands his influence and gains a reputation, the larger factions start to take an interest in him, and he is not strong enough to work against them alone…

First Adventure:

A coven of vampires is on a murderous rampage in the byward market.
→ K (Cayden) helps to kill the vampires
→ Sigurd provided magic runes
5) I have you outnumbered 1 to 3

Others’ adventures:
→ Healed Sigurd of a magical wound that was sapping his health.
6) Aspect: I have just the thing!

→ Healed an inuit shaman, who taught me secrets
7) Aspect: Tips from an inuit shaman


Skill Trappings
3 Alertness Avoiding Surprise, Combat Initiative, Passive Awareness
5 Athletics Climbing, Dodging, Falling, Jumping, Sprinting, Other Physical Actions, Brawling, Close-Combat Defense, Physical Fortitude
2 Burglary Casing, Infiltration, Lockpicking
1 Contacts Gathering Information, Getting the Tip-Off, Knowing People, Rumours
Conviction Acts of Faith,
Craftsmanship Breaking, Building, Fixing
Deceit Cat and Mouse, Disguise, Distraction and Misdirection, False Face Forward, Falsehood and Deception
5 Discipline Concentration, Emotional Control, Mental Defense, , Mental Fortitude, Social Defense
Driving Chases, One Hand of the Wheel, Other Vehicles, Street Knowledge and Navication
2 Empathy Reading People, A Shoulder to Cry On, Social Defense, Social Initiative
2 Endurance Long-Term Action,
Guns Aiming, Gun Knowledge, Gunplay, Other Projectile Weapons
Intimidation The Brush-Off, Interrogation, Provocation, Social Attacks, Threats
3 Investigation Eavesdropping, Examination, Surveillance
Lore Arcane Research, Common Ritual, Mystic Perception
Might Breaking Things, Exerting Force, Lifting Things, Wrestling
Performance Art Appreciation, Composition, Creative Communication, Playing to an Audience
3 Presence Charisma, Command, Reputation, Social Fortitude
1 Rapport Chit-Chat, Closing Down, First Impressions, Opening Up,
1 Resources Buying Things, Equipment, Lifestyle, Money Talks, Workspaces
4 Scholarship Answers, Computer Use, Declaring Minor Details, Exposition and Knowledge Dumping, Languages,(New) Magical ailments, (New) How to kill Magical things
2 Stealth Ambush, Hiding, Shadowing, Skulking
Survival Animal Handling, Camouflage, Riding, Scavenging, Tracking
4 Weapons Distance Weaponry, Melee Combat, Melee Defense, Weapon Knowledge


KAPOW! +3 damage with fists

Powers: None

Refresh: 4

Mental: 4 + extra minor concequence
Social: 3
PHysical: 4 + extra minor concequence


The Doctor

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