The Sleeping City

Mindmapping the evidence

Complicated day.
Got called by police – Leslie had woken up and wanted to talk to her rescuers.
Doesn’t look good, covered in bandages.
Was able to clarify a few things, which led us to the Crystal, and a chat with Mac.
I recognized Mac as the guy from the vision I had when I held Leslie’s brush.
Mac took Sikku out for dinner…

Started with the disappearance of Leslie Hunt. The Doctor was asked by Veronica to investigate, to exonerate her employee Mac.

Tracked a scent in the tunnels after magic sent us there (which later turned out to be Hoolie), to the cells.
Later discovered said cells are beneath Eversafe Securities’ building. Cells were guarded by Eversafe Securities.
The cells contained many ghosts, but also a red court vampire which we killed.

Leslie Hunt discovered to be daughter of Ms Fellini, of Fellini’s restaurant, who is the daughter of Mr. Michael Fellini, who picked up Sikku to have a “chat.” Owns a stretch Humvee, which K had seen someone fitting Whistle’s description get into.

The hoolie’s scent was tracked from the cells to where we found Leslie Hunt, partially digested.
Later went into the lands of the Fey, and found the Hoolie, who had digested J and Whistles.

Mac and Leslie had been having a “relationship”.

Sigurd figured out that the Hoolie was in the cells, and was either released or escaped, who then took J, followed by Whistles (who had more connections), and then led to Leslie, who has a connection to Fellini.

K was kidnapped to the cells, which leads to an arena where supernatural creatures fight. K was in a fight with a Wendigo, which he and Sigurd had met before. We ran away (the second time for Sigurd and K).

K caused a ruckus in Crystal, and has gone missing since then.

Sikku then cast a spell to track the scent of the whoever it was that was shadowing us at Fellini’s restaurant the other night (I think that’s the night Sikku ended up on YouTube).

Tracked it to Sandy Hill – a creepy church.
Old building, no ghosts, which was weird.
Roman Catholic, cemetery out back.
They knew we had arrived, according to Sigurd.

Met “George” at the bottom of the (?secret) stairs.
Crossbow bolt bounced, Sigurd and I talked him into letting us talk.

He struck me as “Like K, but cleaner.” [Lol, empathy assessment]
He’s been watching the restaurant.
Thinks Fellini has “questionable morals, but at least isn’t a monster like you [Sikku]”
He was gathering information on Fellini – he doesn’t entirely trust Fellini.
Discovered he was Order of St Rupert
Tried to get the team to leave.
Sigurd was oddly exuberant, and Sikku was not.
Took a long time to drag Sigurd away.



Minor milestone

Mindmapping the evidence
Midnotion Midnotion

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