The Sleeping City

Looking for the Hoolie's Owner

In which we try preventing more kidnapping and "K" is paranoid.

Other players should feel free to post adventure logs. I’ve only been posting them because no one else seems interested.

According to Thor’s research, the behavior of the Hoolie that ate “J” indicated that it was probably a pet and that someone else was responsible for kidnapping “J” and Linda.

After some research I discovered that the other victim was a drug dealer named “Whistles” who went missing about 5 days after “J”, and about 5 days before Linda.

So now we’re planning to try to intercept this “Owner” and prevent them from kidnapping any more victims. I’ve been scouting out the tunnels in the vicinity since it looks like that’s how the “Owner” is taking away their victims.

I’m not certain why the others are helping search for this “Owner”. Thor and the Bear may have some mystical responsibility to fighting Monsters, but only as a hobby. “M” is a bit more of a mystery. She seems to hang out with us to because she’s curious to find out what’s going on, but that hardly seems a reasonable reason to risk her life. I should beware of her agenda until I have found out more information.


Midnotion Midnotion

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