The Sleeping City

Kay, the Wendigo and the Missing Doctor

After it captures, Kay fought a Wendigo but was luckily rescued in-extremis by the group. Thanks to Melody power of perception, it was found that the Wendigo nutsack is the creature weak point, something that Siku took good notes of.

After our escape from the fighting pit, the group was looking for medical help but quickly found out that the doctor was missing. A curious note from Veronica Raith left Kay to believe she was involved in his disappearance. While the rest of the group was getting read to meet Veronica, a noisy and paranoid Kay was hatching a different plan. While the group was discussing with Miss Raith about information and payment, which for some is very important, Kay tried to sneak about the club, believing he might find the doctor here, this in turn, attracted unwanted attention from the cop.


Significant milestone

Midnotion Midnotion

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