The Sleeping City

Hunters, hunted

in which we are mauled by a Wendigo

I was remembering something yesterday. Some unfinished business.

Shortly after I met “K”, we both decided that we had something to teach the other. We headed out to the cabin, in winter, for some time to train. I attempted to teach the virtue of patience to K, but was interrupted by a wolf howl. Investigating, we found another cabin with a bloody scene – wolves had attacked, and were summarily slaughtered. I cast a tracking spell to find out what did this, and we set off.

We tracked down a pack of wolves, who set a rearguard to attempt to stall us. We took care of them, and continued on – the wolves were not the source of the scene.

We finally found the rest of the pack – they had cornered someone against a wall and were going to attack. We intervened, scattering the wolves as the man “cowered” … only to transform into a beast and spring at us. I don’t remember much after that.

I found out through later research that this man is what is known as a Wendigo – related to the Loup Garous kind of were, not fully in control of himself. He’s still out there, a threat still waiting.

Some missed highlights:

  • Cayden chopping wood (while busy dodging the log like an active enemy who needed to be defended against)
  • Cayden playing Yahtze all night trying to get a perfect game
  • Lyn trying to “sneak” through the forest (her highest stealth roll was -2 I think)
  • Lyn trying to “dodge” the Wendigo, she took 17 damage from one hit
  • Cayden trying to defeat the Wendigo in a one-on-one fight (this did not go as badly as I assumed it would)
  • “Get off my Thor”


Midnotion Midnotion

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