The Sleeping City

Green lumpy things

In which we meet a Hoolie

After leaving the guards locked up in their own prison, we continued our search for the missing people. After running around in the tunnels for a while, we managed to find the girl that the Doctor was looking for. Someone had replaced her skin with vines.

The Doctor and the Bear managed to get her stabilized and we took her to the hospital. Then Thor cast a spell to help me to locate “J” and came up with the following:

There once was a hobo named Jay
Who found himself in a bad way,
Captured and beaten,
Swallowed and eaten,
He’s now in the realm of the Fey.

Then after much resistance and some misdirection, I convinced Thor to open up a passage to the Fey realm. It turned out to be a fairly pleasant experience to begin with. We met a nice fey called Tum who managed to find “J” in return for some food (note to self, stock up on candy bars before dealing with fey).

“J” and another victim had been absorbed by some sort of fey Monster. But a simple spell from Thor managed to blast the Monster to pieces and the Bear wielded her magic to separate the humans from the Monsters. We returned to the regular world and brought “J” and the other victim to the Doctor’s clinic.

Significant Milestone: +1 Skill point


Midnotion Midnotion

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