The Sleeping City

Clearing the Air

By Siku, Learned Healer

Cayden eventually showed up to the pub and Melody set-him up with a lawyer to clear his name with the police.

In the meanwhile, George, one of the crazy member of the Order of St-Ruper, as been hanging at Darcy as well. Beside being a bad customer and always finishing his plate, it seem he wanted to talk to Cayden about his sword and how he thinks it turning Kay into a monster, which is complete nonsense to me but could still break the second law of magic but nothing that was not done willingly however and not so dissimilar to my magic.

Finally, we got an appointment with Felini. He is running the arena as way to finance the hunt of dangerous creatures. While I believe his definition of a monster is a bit too wide to my taste and I don’t disagree that someone need to hunt some of those monsters down. However, I don’t like the use of the arena. It degrade both the hunters and prey. The spirits won’t tolerate such an imbalance for long and I hence fear for Feiini’s life but also for the life of his close friends and associate. When the spirits will strike him back it is likely that he won’t be the only casualty.


Midnotion Midnotion

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