The Sleeping City

Summer's Army and Winter's Threat

I was approached by a powerfull Winter Fae about warning that I needed to act against the Summer or otherwise the Winter will not guarantee the safety of humanity.

In exchange of information from Durin and thanks to some chocolate we found that the Winter court is getting antsy at the idea of the Summer court planning to get an army into Ottawa to get revenge from the horrors of the Arena created by Fellini.

Clearing the Air
By Siku, Learned Healer

Cayden eventually showed up to the pub and Melody set-him up with a lawyer to clear his name with the police.

In the meanwhile, George, one of the crazy member of the Order of St-Ruper, as been hanging at Darcy as well. Beside being a bad customer and always finishing his plate, it seem he wanted to talk to Cayden about his sword and how he thinks it turning Kay into a monster, which is complete nonsense to me but could still break the second law of magic but nothing that was not done willingly however and not so dissimilar to my magic.

Finally, we got an appointment with Felini. He is running the arena as way to finance the hunt of dangerous creatures. While I believe his definition of a monster is a bit too wide to my taste and I don’t disagree that someone need to hunt some of those monsters down. However, I don’t like the use of the arena. It degrade both the hunters and prey. The spirits won’t tolerate such an imbalance for long and I hence fear for Feiini’s life but also for the life of his close friends and associate. When the spirits will strike him back it is likely that he won’t be the only casualty.

Mindmapping the evidence

Complicated day.
Got called by police – Leslie had woken up and wanted to talk to her rescuers.
Doesn’t look good, covered in bandages.
Was able to clarify a few things, which led us to the Crystal, and a chat with Mac.
I recognized Mac as the guy from the vision I had when I held Leslie’s brush.
Mac took Sikku out for dinner…

Started with the disappearance of Leslie Hunt. The Doctor was asked by Veronica to investigate, to exonerate her employee Mac.

Tracked a scent in the tunnels after magic sent us there (which later turned out to be Hoolie), to the cells.
Later discovered said cells are beneath Eversafe Securities’ building. Cells were guarded by Eversafe Securities.
The cells contained many ghosts, but also a red court vampire which we killed.

Leslie Hunt discovered to be daughter of Ms Fellini, of Fellini’s restaurant, who is the daughter of Mr. Michael Fellini, who picked up Sikku to have a “chat.” Owns a stretch Humvee, which K had seen someone fitting Whistle’s description get into.

The hoolie’s scent was tracked from the cells to where we found Leslie Hunt, partially digested.
Later went into the lands of the Fey, and found the Hoolie, who had digested J and Whistles.

Mac and Leslie had been having a “relationship”.

Sigurd figured out that the Hoolie was in the cells, and was either released or escaped, who then took J, followed by Whistles (who had more connections), and then led to Leslie, who has a connection to Fellini.

K was kidnapped to the cells, which leads to an arena where supernatural creatures fight. K was in a fight with a Wendigo, which he and Sigurd had met before. We ran away (the second time for Sigurd and K).

K caused a ruckus in Crystal, and has gone missing since then.

Sikku then cast a spell to track the scent of the whoever it was that was shadowing us at Fellini’s restaurant the other night (I think that’s the night Sikku ended up on YouTube).

Tracked it to Sandy Hill – a creepy church.
Old building, no ghosts, which was weird.
Roman Catholic, cemetery out back.
They knew we had arrived, according to Sigurd.

Met “George” at the bottom of the (?secret) stairs.
Crossbow bolt bounced, Sigurd and I talked him into letting us talk.

He struck me as “Like K, but cleaner.” [Lol, empathy assessment]
He’s been watching the restaurant.
Thinks Fellini has “questionable morals, but at least isn’t a monster like you [Sikku]”
He was gathering information on Fellini – he doesn’t entirely trust Fellini.
Discovered he was Order of St Rupert
Tried to get the team to leave.
Sigurd was oddly exuberant, and Sikku was not.
Took a long time to drag Sigurd away.


Kay, the Wendigo and the Missing Doctor

After it captures, Kay fought a Wendigo but was luckily rescued in-extremis by the group. Thanks to Melody power of perception, it was found that the Wendigo nutsack is the creature weak point, something that Siku took good notes of.

After our escape from the fighting pit, the group was looking for medical help but quickly found out that the doctor was missing. A curious note from Veronica Raith left Kay to believe she was involved in his disappearance. While the rest of the group was getting read to meet Veronica, a noisy and paranoid Kay was hatching a different plan. While the group was discussing with Miss Raith about information and payment, which for some is very important, Kay tried to sneak about the club, believing he might find the doctor here, this in turn, attracted unwanted attention from the cop.

Kay is gone - Sad bear face

A Bear in the City Blog:

Our investigation suggest Mr. Felini might the target of the attack by the houli. While checking out Mr.Felini restaurant while wearing my stunning little black dress (great for shapeshifter – swioosh and it off!) we got spotted by someone. Kay went back to investigate but he got captured (sad bear face). We think eversafe is holding him and went there. We have not found him but they seem to have a nice security package for the bar however (sad bear face again).

Hunters, hunted
in which we are mauled by a Wendigo

I was remembering something yesterday. Some unfinished business.

Shortly after I met “K”, we both decided that we had something to teach the other. We headed out to the cabin, in winter, for some time to train. I attempted to teach the virtue of patience to K, but was interrupted by a wolf howl. Investigating, we found another cabin with a bloody scene – wolves had attacked, and were summarily slaughtered. I cast a tracking spell to find out what did this, and we set off.

We tracked down a pack of wolves, who set a rearguard to attempt to stall us. We took care of them, and continued on – the wolves were not the source of the scene.

We finally found the rest of the pack – they had cornered someone against a wall and were going to attack. We intervened, scattering the wolves as the man “cowered” … only to transform into a beast and spring at us. I don’t remember much after that.

I found out through later research that this man is what is known as a Wendigo – related to the Loup Garous kind of were, not fully in control of himself. He’s still out there, a threat still waiting.

Some missed highlights:

  • Cayden chopping wood (while busy dodging the log like an active enemy who needed to be defended against)
  • Cayden playing Yahtze all night trying to get a perfect game
  • Lyn trying to “sneak” through the forest (her highest stealth roll was -2 I think)
  • Lyn trying to “dodge” the Wendigo, she took 17 damage from one hit
  • Cayden trying to defeat the Wendigo in a one-on-one fight (this did not go as badly as I assumed it would)
  • “Get off my Thor”
Looking for the Hoolie's Owner
In which we try preventing more kidnapping and "K" is paranoid.

Other players should feel free to post adventure logs. I’ve only been posting them because no one else seems interested.

According to Thor’s research, the behavior of the Hoolie that ate “J” indicated that it was probably a pet and that someone else was responsible for kidnapping “J” and Linda.

After some research I discovered that the other victim was a drug dealer named “Whistles” who went missing about 5 days after “J”, and about 5 days before Linda.

So now we’re planning to try to intercept this “Owner” and prevent them from kidnapping any more victims. I’ve been scouting out the tunnels in the vicinity since it looks like that’s how the “Owner” is taking away their victims.

I’m not certain why the others are helping search for this “Owner”. Thor and the Bear may have some mystical responsibility to fighting Monsters, but only as a hobby. “M” is a bit more of a mystery. She seems to hang out with us to because she’s curious to find out what’s going on, but that hardly seems a reasonable reason to risk her life. I should beware of her agenda until I have found out more information.

Green lumpy things
In which we meet a Hoolie

After leaving the guards locked up in their own prison, we continued our search for the missing people. After running around in the tunnels for a while, we managed to find the girl that the Doctor was looking for. Someone had replaced her skin with vines.

The Doctor and the Bear managed to get her stabilized and we took her to the hospital. Then Thor cast a spell to help me to locate “J” and came up with the following:

There once was a hobo named Jay
Who found himself in a bad way,
Captured and beaten,
Swallowed and eaten,
He’s now in the realm of the Fey.

Then after much resistance and some misdirection, I convinced Thor to open up a passage to the Fey realm. It turned out to be a fairly pleasant experience to begin with. We met a nice fey called Tum who managed to find “J” in return for some food (note to self, stock up on candy bars before dealing with fey).

“J” and another victim had been absorbed by some sort of fey Monster. But a simple spell from Thor managed to blast the Monster to pieces and the Bear wielded her magic to separate the humans from the Monsters. We returned to the regular world and brought “J” and the other victim to the Doctor’s clinic.

Significant Milestone: +1 Skill point

The Mystery of the Missing People
In which we find a (probably unrelated) gladiator ring.

It all started when I noticed that I hadn’t seen “J” around lately. I checked out his usual haunts but couldn’t locate him. After checking with his acquaintances, I went to see if “M” knew anything helpful.

While at Darcy McGee’s, I found out that the Doctor was looking for someone as well. With the assistance of the Bear and Thor we discovered that they were in the tunnels under the city.

I was scouting out the tunnels ahead of the others when I ran into a couple guards. After they ignored my advice to avoid a confrontation, I rendered them unconscious. After going through the door they guarded we discovered a gladiatorial ring where Monsters fought for the entertainment of others.

I have no proof of this, but I believe that someone is rounding up monsters and turning them into Monsters to fight each other. If this is the case, then I will need to find the ones responsible and put a stop to it. The world doesn’t need any more Monsters.

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